Step-By-Step Guide: How To Cancel FYE Backstage (FYE VIP) Pass Membership

FYE, which stands for For Your Entertainment, is a popular retailer offering a wide selection of music, movies, games, electronics, collectibles, toys, accessories, and more. 

FYE encourages frequent shoppers to sign up for their FYE Backstage Pass membership program which provides various perks and discounts for an annual fee. 

But, you may one day decide that the membership no longer provides value and want to cancel your FYE VIP status.

What is FYE Backstage Pass?

The FYE Backstage Pass is a paid membership program from the For Your Entertainment brand that gives loyal shoppers additional discounts and exclusive offers. 

For an annual membership fee (usually $19.99 per year), members receive special benefits when shopping at FYE stores across the country or online at FYE.

FYE Backstage Pass Benefits

FYE Backstage Pass Benefits

The perks included with an FYE Backstage Pass membership are:

  • 10% discount on pre-owned items: Any DVDs, CDs, video games or other pre-owned products are an extra 10% off for Backstage Pass members. This can lead to significant savings if you regularly purchase used entertainment items.
  • Free shipping on $25+ online orders: As a Backstage Pass member, you qualify for free standard shipping on any online orders over $25, rather than having to meet a higher free shipping minimum spend.
  • Early access to sales: FYE Backstage members get early access to special sales events on entertainment items, whether online flash sales or doorbuster in-store promotions. This allows you first pick of discounted items before the general public.
  • Free monthly sweepstakes entries: Each month, FYE holds sweepstakes with entertainment related prizes like TVs, media players, tickets to events, signed memorabilia, and more. Members get unlimited free entries into these contests.
  • $5 birthday gift certificate: During your birthday month, Backstage Pass members receive a $5 gift certificate to use towards FYE purchases. Just one more little bonus perk.
  • VIP Backstage Pass lanyard: To display your member status while shopping in-store, FYE provides a Backstage Pass lanyard to hold your rewards card.

So in summary, for $19.99 per year, frequent FYE shoppers can reap additional discounts, free shipping perks, early access to special deals, sweepstakes entries, and a birthday offer through this entertainment retail membership program.

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How Popular is the FYE Backstage Pass?

The FYE Backstage Pass member program has created a fairly large community of loyal brand enthusiasts. 

While exact member numbers are not publicly shared by the company, they have likely sold hundreds of thousands of the passes over the past decade based on FYE’s store footprint and volume of sales.

The introductory $19.99 annual fee (often discounted to $14.99) proves enticing for frequent shoppers who easily recoup the membership cost in extra discounts. 

Positive word of mouth and prominent in-store promotion also helps drive ongoing membership sign-ups. 

Loyalty program analysts have pointed to FYE’s Backstage Pass as a case study for effectively incentivizing customers to engage deeper with a retail brand.

Between the discounts and exclusive access, existing FYE patrons have motivation to purchase the annual membership. 

And the perks additionally attract new customers into stores more often throughout the year.

For FYE themselves, the Backstage Pass program allows them to turn casual shoppers into loyal brand advocates who return frequently and spend more thanks to subscriber incentives. 

It is a win-win arrangement for customers and company alike when executed properly.

Why Customers Cancel FYE Memberships

While the Cancel FYE Backstage Pass clearly offers benefits for avid FYE supporters, there are also reasons shoppers may opt to discontinue their annual membership.

Changing Entertainment Preferences

As your entertainment tastes and shopping habits evolve over time, an FYE membership may hold less appeal. For example, early access to vinyl record specials mattered more when you were still building your collection. Now perhaps you stream all your music and no longer buy CDs or DVDs. If FYE is no longer your go-to destination for movies, games, music, and electronics, the discounts become less valuable and easier to cancel.

Price Increases

Though the Backstage Pass has cost $19.99 for years now, some disgruntled shoppers claimed FYE increased the membership to $25 without adequate notification. 

If prices inch higher over time while benefits remain stagnant, it could lead subscribers to reevaluate the math on keeping their Pass.

Poor Customer Service

Though not the majority opinion, some previous FYE Backstage Pass members have posted reviews about dealing with uninformed staff, hard-to-use rewards programs, or a lack of tailored perks. 

Repeated customer service issues or perceived degradation of benefits over time may motivate cancellations for select patrons, even if the membership still offers some base value.

Financial Changes

Losing your job, needing to cut expenses, or personal financial struggles can quickly make an unused FYE membership seem frivolous. 

During recessions and periods of broad economic uncertainty, retail loyalty memberships face cancellations even if the annual fees are generally reasonable.

In most cases, changing preferences, increasing prices, customer frustrations, or budget tightening tend to drive the decision to ultimately cancel an FYE Backstage Pass subscription.

How Many FYE Memberships Get Cancelled?

How Many FYE Memberships Get Cancelled?

Retail brands closely guard data on loyalty membership attrition rates. 

And FYE itself does not share statistics on how many Backstage Pass memberships get cancelled annually or key metrics like subscriber retention figures over time.

But, most paid loyalty programs offered by entertainment retailers tend to see anywhere between 10-30% membership cancellation rates per year

Based on their established brand presence and attractive discount offerings, FYE likely sits on the lower end of cancellations relative to the broader retail category.

But even losing 15% of members each year can quickly compound if fresh sign-ups stagnate. 

This makes continually promoting new membership deals and enhancements critical to offset normal subscriber churn.

For current members considering cancellation themselves though, jumping through the needed hoops can feel daunting without clear direction. 

That is the motivation for assembling this definitive guide to properly terminating your FYE Backstage Pass membership.

Steps to Cancel FYE Membership

If you decide the discounts and perks no longer justify the $19.99 annual outlay, canceling your FYE subscription is relatively straightforward through various channels:

Online Cancellation

The easiest and quickest way to cancel your FYE Backstage Pass membership is by logging into your account online and managing your subscription settings:

  1. Login at FYE via the account dashboard
  2. Click on “My Account” from top navigation bar
  3. Select “Settings” or “Account Settings”
  4. Find “Cancel Membership” option
  5. Confirm cancellation of auto-renewing membership

This immediately terminates any future membership renewals and associated fees on your payment method on file. 

Prorated refunds are only issued within the first 30 days. 

But the system should confirm your request and show an updated expired status instantly upon online cancellation.

After Cancelling: What To Know

Once you formally request cancellation through an approved channel, here is what to expect:

Cancellation Goes Into Effect

Your Backstage Pass membership termination goes into effect either:

  • Immediately – if mid-way through existing yearly term
  • At end of current paid annual period

What Happens When You Cancel an FYE Membership

After submitting your cancellation request through one of the approved methods, your FYE Backstage Pass membership will terminate. Here is more detail on what you can expect:

Loss of Membership Benefits

Once cancelled, your discounts, free shipping privileges, early access passes, and other FYE subscriber perks will discontinue. 

You revert to getting the same generic customer offers with no special status.

This means no more 10% bonus savings on used products, having to meet a higher free shipping minimum, generic access to sales events, ineligibility for member-only contests, and so on. 

You lose the various financial and preferential treatment benefits that originally came with paying the annual membership fees.

No More Renewal Charges

Additionally, your payment method on file will no longer be automatically charged in the future for renewal of the annual membership. This $19.99 yearly charge ends when you cancel.

By proactively terminating your account, you avoid getting stuck paying upcoming subscription installments. 

And you no longer have to remember to pause auto-renewals periodically. 

The billing and financial obligation components terminate along with the discounts and perks.

Confirmation Timeline

You should receive confirmation of your FYE membership cancellation from the company within:

  • Instantly – If cancelled online
  • 72 hours – For email and phone cancellations
  • 2 weeks – For mailed written requests

If you do not get a confirmation within the expected timeline, follow up with customer service by phone to verify and ensure your FYE Backstage Pass was successfully cancelled in their system. Mistakes in their cancellation processing do occasionally happen.

Can You Reactivate Later?

If after cancelling your FYE membership you have a change of heart, you can sign up again in the future. 

But you will have to pay the current new member rates and re-earn loyalty benefits gradually rather than retaining tenure or status from your past membership years.

Most cancelled subscribers cannot simply reactive a terminated membership. 

And signup promotions will differ from what was originally offered. You start over from scratch if re-enrolling down the road.

So be sure you want to proceed before formally cancelling your FYE Backstage Pass in case the perks outweigh the annual costs for your needs. 

There is no going back to old membership pricing or getting credit for tenure if you later determine the program still offered value. 

Once cancelled, you cannot easily undo it.

Key Takeaways on Cancelling FYE Memberships

To recap, main things to remember when cancelling an FYE Backstage Pass subscription:

  • You can cancel online, by phone, email or letter
  • Cancellation discontinues fees and member-only perks
  • Confirm you received cancellation notice
  • Reactivating requires repaying at higher rates
  • Act promptly if you wish to avoid renewal fee

Know what to expect, follow protocol for your preferred contact method, and request confirmation for a smooth FYE membership cancellation process. Discontinuing your subscription is easy once you know the proper steps.

Hopefully this guide covered everything required to successfully cancel unwanted FYE Backstage Pass auto-renewals or ongoing payments for lackluster discounts. 

Reach out with any other questions!


Is it possible to freeze my FYE Backstage Pass membership instead of canceling it?

Unfortunately, FYE does not offer a freeze option for memberships. You may need to consider cancellation if you need a break.

What if I have recently joined the FYE Backstage Pass but later decide it’s not for me?

FYE offers a grace period for reconsideration. Contact customer service within this window to discuss your options.

Can I receive a refund for the unused portion of my membership?

Refunds are not typically issued for unused portions of memberships. However, exceptions may apply based on specific circumstances.

Where can I locate my FYE Backstage VIP Pass Membership Number?

Your membership number can be found on your account page after logging in on the FYE website or in the welcome email you received upon sign-up.

Can I cancel my FYE membership without a card?

Yes, you can cancel your FYE membership even if you don’t have the card. Simply follow the cancellation process outlined on the website or contact customer service for assistance.


In conclusion, understanding the process to cancel FYE Backstage Pass membership is crucial for managing your subscription effectively. By following the outlined steps and considering factors like fees, deadlines, and confirmation processes, you can navigate the cancellation smoothly. Whether it’s assessing alternatives or addressing common queries, being informed empowers you to make the best decision for your membership needs. Remember to stay proactive and reach out to FYE’s customer service if you encounter any challenges or require further assistance.

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