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Benjamin Appleby was a man who made national headlines in 2022. Known for his dark and mysterious past, Appleby remained an enigma even after his alleged crimes were uncovered. It remained unclear what exactly sparked this deadly tailspin of events.

Little is known about Appleby’s early life prior to the events that thrust him into the spotlight. Born in 1990 in a small town in Wisconsin, Appleby was largely off the grid without any online presence or digital footprint to trace his background and upbringing. Questions lingered over what might have led to his dangerous alleged acts years later.

In January 2022, Appleby’s name became synonymous with homicide when the bodies of his partner Evan Riley and former coworker Max Wilson were found buried on his rural property. As the sordid details and evidence emerged, authorities were shocked by Appleby’s disturbing alleged involvement in the two men’s disappearances.

Key Takeaways

  • Little is known about Appleby’s early life before he made national headlines for alleged homicides, as he had no clear online presence or records tracing his upbringing.
  • Appleby lived a seemingly mysterious and off-the-grid lifestyle until the shocking discovery of bodies on his rural property led to homicide charges. 
  • Questions still linger around what exactly drove Appleby toward the deadly alleged acts given his private and enigmatic past is mostly unknown.
  • Living in isolation, Appleby remained an elusive figure even after his alleged crimes came to light, leaving many mysteries unsolved about his motives.
  • As a man suddenly thrust into infamy, Appleby’s background prior to the homicide investigation remains vague, leaving open questions about what else could be uncovered about his history and personality.

Overview Of Benjamin Appleby

Overview Of Benjamin Appleby

Benjamin Appleby lived an off-the-grid lifestyle in rural Wisconsin before his name made headlines in 2022. When the bodies of two men were found on his secluded property, Appleby became the prime suspect in a shocking double homicide.

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Though he had no online footprint, details of Appleby’s mysterious past and what led to the deadly crimes continue to emerge. As the circumstances are uncovered, more questions arise about the enigma known as Benjamin Appleby and the tragedy that brought his reclusive life under the dark spotlight.

Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Age, Killer, Partner

Benjamin Appleby, a name etched in infamy, emerged as the perpetrator in a tragic tale of violence. His victim, Ali Kemp, a bright soul extinguished in the prime of life, fell prey to Appleby’s senseless brutality. Despite the serene backdrop of Leawood, Kansas, the community was rocked by Ali’s untimely demise.

Appleby’s audacious evasion spanned over 1,300 miles until a father’s relentless pursuit led to his capture. The chilling confession unraveled a harrowing encounter, leaving questions unanswered and wounds unhealed. Yet, amidst the darkness, Roger Kemp’s resilience shines, turning billboards into beacons of justice and inspiring hope in the face of tragedy.

Benjamin Appleby News

In a tale of tragedy and perseverance, Benjamin Appleby made headlines when he became the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Ali Kemp. Despite a seemingly safe environment, Kemp was fatally attacked while on duty as a lifeguard, sending shockwaves through the Leawood community.

Appleby’s arrest, facilitated by Roger Kemp’s innovative use of billboards, shed light on the dark details of the crime. Despite his confession, Appleby’s plea of not guilty keeps the trial ongoing, leaving unanswered questions lingering in the air. The case serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of violence and the relentless pursuit of justice in the face of tragedy.

Benjamin Appleby’s Biography And Wikipedia Page

Benjamin Appleby’s Biography And Wikipedia Page

Benjamin Appleby’s biography and Wikipedia page depict a chilling tale of crime and tragedy. Infamously known for the brutal murder of Ali Kemp, Appleby’s story unfolds as a haunting reminder of the consequences of unchecked violence.

Despite his confession to the crime, Appleby maintains his plea of innocence, prolonging the agony for Kemp’s grieving family. His Wikipedia page serves as a stark record of the heinous act and subsequent legal proceedings.

Shedding light on the complexities of justice and the enduring pain of loss. As the trial unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, awaiting the verdict that will determine the fate of a man whose name has become synonymous with horror and heartbreak.

Benjamin Appleby: Where Is He Now?

After being arrested for the brutal murder of Ali Kemp in 2002, Benjamin Appleby’s fate remains uncertain as his trial continues. Despite confessing to the crime, Appleby maintains his plea of not guilty, leaving questions lingering about his true motives.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community anxiously awaits justice for Ali and closure for her grieving family. While Appleby’s current whereabouts may be known to authorities, his future hangs in the balance as the court deliberates his fate. In the wake of this tragedy.

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The legacy of Ali Kemp lives on through her family’s tireless pursuit of justice and their efforts to prevent similar crimes. Where Benjamin Appleby will ultimately end up remains a question mark, but the impact of his actions will forever be felt.

Why Did Ali Kemp Get Killed By Benjamin Appleby?

Why Did Ali Kemp Get Killed By Benjamin Appleby

Ali Kemp’s tragic death at the hands of Benjamin Appleby stemmed from a fateful encounter at the community pool where she worked. Appleby’s advances towards Ali were met with rejection, triggering a violent reaction that led to her untimely demise.

Despite her attempts to defend herself, Ali fell victim to Appleby’s inexplicable rage. The motive behind Appleby’s heinous act remains elusive, leaving Ali’s loved ones and the community grappling with unanswered questions.

Through his chilling confession, Appleby’s disturbing actions shed light on the unpredictable nature of violence and the devastating consequences it can inflict. Ali’s memory serves as a poignant reminder of the need for vigilance against senseless acts of aggression in our society.


How Old Is Benjamin Appleby?

Benjamin Appleby was 30 years old at the time of his arrest for the murder of Ali Kemp.

Where Is Benjamin Appleby Now?

Benjamin Appleby is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Ali Kemp, with the legal proceedings ongoing.

Who Is The Father Of Ali Kemp?

Roger Kemp is the father of Ali Kemp, the tragic victim of a senseless act of violence.

Who Is Roger Kemp’s Missing Daughter?

Ali Kemp’s father is Roger Kemp, who tirelessly sought justice for his daughter’s tragic murder.


The story of Benjamin Appleby’s heinous crime against Ali Kemp serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of senseless violence. While justice may have been pursued, the scars left by this tragic event continue to linger.

Through the tireless efforts of Ali’s father and the community’s resilience, strides have been made towards combating such atrocities. The memory of Ali Kemp remains a poignant symbol of the need for vigilance and unity against such senseless acts.

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