How to Easily Cancel Your Hims Subscription in Just Minutes

Struggling to figure out how to cancel your Hims subscription? This quick guide will walk you through the simple process step-by-step. 

Learn how to log in and find the cancellation options to stop automatic payments and end your plan.

Canceling your Hims subscription is easy once you know where to look. Just log into your account, go to account settings, and find the cancellation or subscription section. 

Click to cancel and confirm to stop payments. We’ll outline the details so you can quickly end your plan.

The Hims Subscription Cancellation Policy

Hims makes it relatively straightforward to cancel your subscription if you decide you no longer want to receive regular shipments.  

Their cancellation policy allows you to cancel at any time with no cancellation fees. 

But, they do ask that you allow up to 10 days for cancellation requests to fully process.

Once you successfully cancel, you will not receive any additional charges, but any orders already shipped or pending cannot be cancelled or refunded. 

Hims also notes that certain termination requests made after the 20th of the month may still incur charges for the next month’s shipment if the request was not processed in time.

Cancel Hims Account Subscription from Their Website

The easiest way to cancel your Hims subscription is directly through your online account dashboard. 

Simply log into your account and navigate to the “Settings” tab. 

Here you will find a cancellation link where you can terminate future shipments and subscriptions with just a few clicks.

The site will ask you to select a reason for cancelling and try to provide resources to address any issues prompting your cancellation. 

You can bypass this and complete the cancellation regardless of reason. 

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email that your request is being processed.

Cancel Hims Account by Sending an Email

If you prefer not to login to your account to cancel, you can also email Hims Customer Service directly and ask them to terminate your subscription. 

Send your cancellation request to support@forhims and include your name, email address and order information so they can easily identify your account.

Keep the email short and state clearly that you wish to cancel your subscription and not receive any future shipments.

 A customer service rep will then submit the request on your behalf and send confirmation once handled. 

This may take a few business days to process completely.

Cancel Hims Subscription through Social Media

Hims is also very responsive to messages and inquiries sent via social media, making platforms like Twitter another option for subscription cancellation. 

When tweeting at them, make sure to tag their official account @Hims so the right support team sees the post.

Keep your message simple and straightforward, stating your desire to cancel your subscription and account immediately. 

Provide any relevant account details to help identify your profile. 

Hims aims to respond to all social media outreach within one business day, if not sooner.

Cancel Hims Subscription by Phone

You can also call Hims directly at 1-800-HIMS-535 and speak with a customer service agent to request cancelling your subscriptions. 

This will likely be the quickest method, allowing you to terminate on the spot versus waiting for email or social media requests to be processed.

When you call, let the agent know upfront you wish to cancel service and provide key details like your name, email on file and subscription details. 

They will then access your account, submit the termination request and email a confirmation notice once handled.

Cancel Hims Subscription using Android Devices

If you manage your Hims subscription directly from the Android app, cancelling is just as easy as on the website. 

Open up the app and tap into the side menu to access your account settings. 

Scroll down and tap “Manage Subscription” then select “Cancel Subscription” on the next page.

After confirming your choice, your subscription will be set to expire at the end of the current billing cycle. 

You can also choose to terminate immediately if you prefer. Either way, you will receive confirmation the request has been received.

Cancel Hims Subscription using Apple Devices

Cancel Hims Subscription using Apple Devices

You can also cancel your Hims subscription directly from iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. 

Open up the Hims app and tap into your Account tab. Scroll down to Subscriptions and select your active plan.

On the next page, you will see a red “Cancel Subscription” link at the bottom.

Tapping this will immediate cancel all future subscription renewals and shipments. 

You may still receive one final order already pending or processed before the cut-off date.

How to Easily Cancel Your Hims Subscription in Just Minutes

Hims’ cancellation policy is designed to make it relatively easy for customers to cancel subscriptions if they so choose. 

Key details include:

  • Cancellation requests are processed immediately but may take up to 10 days to fully complete
  • No cancellation or account termination fees apply
  • Already shipped or pending orders cannot be cancelled or refunded
  • Billing cycles ending after the 20th may still incur next month’s charge

So while Hims subscriptions can be cancelled any time with no hassle, existing orders may still be fulfilled or charged before termination takes effect fully. 

But you will not face penalties or be forced to stay subscribed for any minimum duration.

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Can I Reactivate My Subscription?

If you change your mind after cancelling your Hims subscription, you can easily reactivate your account and sign back up to continue receiving products. 

Simply log back into your Hims profile or download the app again to resume your subscription.

Any information, history and preferences associated with your prior subscription and account will still be available. 

You can restart the same subscription plan you had previously or select something new. 

Just keep in mind your subscription will begin anew, so you will be charged the initial rate again.

How Do I Cancel a Hims Subscription by Myself?

Hims makes it easy for customers to cancel subscriptions on their own without needing to contact customer service for help. 

The quickest methods are:

  1. Login to your online Hims account dashboard and find the cancellation link under Settings to terminate directly.
  2. Open the Hims mobile app, go to your Subscription or Account settings and select “Cancel Subscription”
  3. Send an email to clearly requesting cancellation.

These self-service options allow you to handle the entire cancellation process independently within a few minutes. 

You will receive email confirmation once your termination request is processed completely.

I Want to Cancel My Hims Subscription via DoNotPay

DoNotPay is a virtual assistant app that promises to help users easily cancel unwanted subscriptions and similar services. 

Unfortunately, DoNotPay does not actually include integration with Hims systems to actively cancel accounts on your behalf.

The app can provide generalized guidance, templates and contact information to assist you in cancelling yourself across many companies. 

But for Hims specifically, your best bet is to use the direct website dashboard or mobile app cancellation options covered above. 

DoNotPay cannot directly interface with Hims to submit termination requests programmatically at this time.

Strategies to Terminate Your Hims Subscription

If you’ve decided to cancel your Hims subscription, you have four primary methods to choose from:

Strategy 1: Website Cancellation

The easiest and quickest way to cancel is through the Hims website dashboard. Simply login, go to account Settings and click the clearly marked cancellation link to terminate future orders and renewals. Takes just minutes!

Strategy 2: Phone Cancellation

Call 1-800-HIMS-535 and speak with a customer service agent who can cancel the subscription on the spot over the phone. Just provide your account details over the call and request immediate termination.

Strategy 3: Email Cancellation

Reach out directly to Hims Customer service at support@forhims, provide your account information and clearly state you want to cancel your subscription. Slightly slower than other methods but still effective.

Strategy 4: Social Media Cancellation

Tweet or DM @Hims on Twitter explaining your desire to cancel your subscriptions and associated account details. Their social media team monitors messages closely and will submit internal cancellation requests promptly.

Variables Impacting the Hims Subscription Termination Complexity

The ease and speed with which you can cancel your Hims subscription depends on a few key factors:

  • Cancellation Method Chosen – Website and phone typically fastest, email/social media add slight delays
  • Account Detail Accuracy – Having exact login credentials or order numbers on hand helps identify your account quickly for faster processing
  • Customer Support Availability – Cancellation response times can vary slightly depending on overall inquiry volumes

However, Hims cancellation policies are designed to be user-friendly and exert little pressure to dissuade termination. 

So ultimately you should be able to unsubscribe within a few days via any method. Reactivating at a later point is always an option as well if your needs change.

Final Thought: How To Cancel Regal Unlimited Easily?

While this article has focused specifically on cancelling Hims healthcare subscriptions, the Regal Unlimited movie ticket plan similarly offers direct website access to effortlessly manage and cancel memberships. By logging into your Regal Crown Club account, you can navigate to the “My Subscription” page and select “Cancel Subscription“. This will immediately terminate any future billing and renewals while still allowing you to enjoy previously paid months. Easy self-service cancellation takes all the hassle out of ending Regal Unlimited when the time comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel Hims subscription through social media?

No, Hims subscriptions cannot be cancelled through social media. You’ll need to cancel via their official website or contact customer support.

What’s Hims’ cancellation phone number?

You can cancel your Hims subscription by calling their customer service hotline, which can be found on their website or in your subscription details.

Why might I consider canceling my Hims subscription?

Reasons for cancelling Hims subscription vary, but common factors include changes in healthcare needs, budget constraints, or simply no longer requiring the services provided.

Can I Pause My Hims Subscription?

Hims typically does not offer a pause option for subscriptions. However, you can explore alternative options by contacting their customer support.

Is Hims Legit Or Scam?

Hims is a legitimate company providing telehealth services and products. They operate within regulatory guidelines and have numerous positive customer reviews, but it’s always wise to research and make informed decisions.

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