Top 10 Metal Detectors Under $300

Metal detecting is a fun and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, some high-end metal detectors can be quite expensive. If you’re just getting started in the hobby or on a budget, there are still many excellent detector options available for under $300. Here are the top 10 best metal detectors under $300:

1) Tesoro Compadre Se

Tesoro Compadre Se

The upgraded Compadre SE model is our top pick for the best metal detector under $300. It utilizes the HVB (High Velocity Beam) search coil with enhanced detection modes and greater depth than other Compadre models. Its Visual Discrimination display, multiple ground balance settings and adjustment of sensitivity levels makes the SE extremely versatile and user-friendly. Well-built and durable construction sets it apart from other brands. For accurate target identification, superior depth performance, and competitive price point, the Compadre SE is hard to beat.

2) Minelab Vanquish 540

Minelab Vanquish 540

As the top-of-the-line Vanquish model, the 540 incorporates some advanced features over the 340 that experienced hobbyists will appreciate. Its multi-frequency system operates in both VLF and pulse induction modes for optimal ground conditions. Fully adjustable ground balancing and iron volume provides complete ground control. Pinpoint mode utilizes Multi-Q technology to isolate targets within a quarter inch. Overall the Vanquish 540 simply has the best combination of all performance metrics among sub $300 detectors.

3) Bounty Hunter Tracker Iv

Bounty Hunter Tracker Iv

The Tracker IV incorporates modern technologies like digital target ID and all-metal modes at a great price point under $250. Its DD (Dynamic Digital) discrimination system provides accurate identification of coins and FOIL (jewelry) targets. Retuned HVU (High Vibration Ultratrac) coil design simultaneously enhances detection depth and target separation over 8 inches deep. Intuitive LCD screen and simple controls make the Tracker IV beginner friendly while still offering experienced features. A great all-around detector for the money.

4) Garret At Max

Garret At Max

The Garrett AT Max is both an excellent starter detector and one that experienced detectorists will appreciate. It features 14 pre-programmed detection programs covering various coins and artifacts. Discrimination analysis helps eliminate trash targets with simple on-board controls. Dual-D TM technology maximizes coverage area while maintaining target resolution. The 5-inch conical search coil offers great depth performance. Relatively affordable at under $250, the AT Max is a solid choice for both new and experienced hobbyists.

5) Fisher F4

Fisher F4

As an upgraded version of the best-selling F2, the Fisher F4 improves upon its predecessor in many ways while maintaining a similar sub-$300 price tag. The F4 utilizes Fisher’s PinpointTRAC technology and a semi-elliptical DD coil to accurately pinpoint targets. It has 11 discrimination modes along with 8 tones and 11 sensitivity levels. Battery life is very good on 2 AA batteries. Overall the F4 offers more versatility and depth than the F2, making it a great detector for those looking to step up from entry-level.

6) Minelab Vanquish 340

Minelab Vanquish 340

While a bit more expensive at just under $300, the Minelab Vanquish 340 is an exceptional metal detector for the price. Its dual-frequency VLF and Broad Spectrum technology allows it to operate effectively in mineralized ground. The Vanquish 340 has 10 sensitivity levels, 11 discrimination modes, and 8 ground balance settings. Its 5.5-inch concentric Smart Trac coil provides excellent target separation and identification. For a detector at this price point, the build quality and features of the Vanquish 340 are unmatched.

7) Fisher F2

Fisher F2

The Fisher F2 is one of the best budget metal detectors made by a trusted brand name in the hobby. It has 8 volume levels and 12 tones to identify targets along with 4 ground balance settings. The F2 utilizes Fisher’s multi-frequency technology to pinpoint targets more accurately than single frequency detectors. It has a maximum depth of 10 inches with the included 9-inch concentric coil. The controls are simple to use but it still has some advanced features for the price.

8) Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Compadre

The Tesoro Compadre is a quality metal detector at an affordable price point of under $200. It has 4 different discrimination modes and 12 tones to identify target types. The Compadre uses Tesoro’s HVB (High Velocity Beam) search coil technology to achieve 8 inches of maximum depth. It has an ergonomic pistol grip design for comfortable use. The visual target ID display and easy-to-use controls make it a good option for beginners. Battery life is excellent on 2 AA batteries.

9) Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Pinpointer

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Pinpointer

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver is a small pinpointer device used to precisely locate buried metal objects after they have been identified by a metal detector. It has 3 operation modes, including discrimination. The target ID is very accurate within 5 inches depth. Another notable option from the Bounty Hunter brand is the Bounty Hunter Platinum, which offers advanced features and enhanced performance. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is equipped with additional capabilities, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a more comprehensive metal detecting experience. Both the Quick Silver and the Bounty Hunter Platinum can be valuable companion tools for any budget metal detector setup. The Quick Silver, priced at under $50, provides affordability, while the Bounty Hunter Platinum caters to those looking for extra features and capabilities.

10) Garrett Ace 150

Garrett Ace 150

The Garrett Ace 150 is a basic but effective metal detector great for beginners. It has 5 discrimination settings to help identify targets. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for extended periods. The Ace 150 has a maximum depth of 8 inches and comes equipped with a 9-inch mono search coil. It operates on 9V batteries and has a simple interface with LED target identification. At under $150, it’s an affordable way to get started metal detecting.


Metal detecting is an activity that can be enjoyed at various budget levels. Even for under $300, there are excellent metal detector options from trusted brands that offer advanced technologies and reliable performance. Metal Detectors Under $300 provide an affordable entry into this fun and rewarding pastime. Any of the top 10 detectors on this list would make a great choice for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. These detectors not only offer budget-friendly options but also deliver the features and capabilities needed to enhance the metal detecting experience.

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