Metal Detector Wand

Metal detector wands are handheld security screening tools used to detect concealed weapons and prohibited items. These portable scanners emit electromagnetic fields and alarm when metals are detected on people or in bags. Security teams worldwide rely on lightweight detector wands to identify threats at venues, events, airports, courthouses and schools. Easy to operate and maneuver, the wands provide efficient, non-invasive checking for guns, knives, explosives or contraband.

Metal Detector Wand For Vapes

Exploring the niche market of vape detection, this session delves into the development and deployment of specialized metal detector wands tailored for identifying vape devices in security-sensitive environments. Attendees will gain insights into the unique challenges posed by vape detection and innovative solutions to address them effectively.

Metal Detector Wand For Gold

Metal Detector Wand For Gold

Unlocking the potential of metal detection technology for gold prospecting, this session examines the features and capabilities of dedicated metal detector wands designed for gold exploration. From sensitivity settings to target discrimination, attendees will learn practical tips and techniques for maximizing their gold detection efforts.

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Handheld Metal Detector For Treasure Hunting

Embark on an adventure into the world of treasure hunting with handheld metal detectors. This session explores the functionality and applications of portable metal detectors for uncovering hidden treasures in various environments, from beaches to archaeological sites. Discover tips for optimizing your treasure-hunting experience and maximizing finds.

Hand Held Metal Detector Wand

This session provides an in-depth exploration of handheld metal detector wands, covering their design, operation, and applications across diverse security settings. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these compact yet powerful devices enhance security protocols, from event screenings to loss prevention efforts.

Hand Held Metal Detector Waterproof

Dive into the realm of waterproof handheld metal detectors, ideal for security operations in challenging environments such as maritime ports and outdoor venues. Learn about the specialized features and construction that enable these detectors to withstand water exposure while maintaining reliable performance in detecting metal objects.

Hand Held Metal Detector Uk

This session offers insights into the market landscape and regulatory considerations for handheld metal detectors in the UK. Attendees will gain an understanding of industry standards, certification requirements, and emerging trends shaping the adoption of these devices in various sectors, from transportation to hospitality.

Hand Held Metal Detector For Gold

Uncover the secrets of using handheld metal detectors for gold prospecting, from selecting the right equipment to honing your detection skills. This session explores the nuances of gold detection and provides practical guidance for enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking to strike gold in their treasure-hunting endeavors.

Hand Held Metal Detector Argos

Navigate the offerings of handheld metal detectors available through Argos, a leading retailer in the UK. This session highlights key features, customer reviews, and purchasing considerations for handheld metal detectors stocked by Argos, empowering attendees to make informed buying decisions.

Hire Metal Detector Security Wands

Discover the benefits and logistics of renting metal detector security wands for temporary events, venue security, and short-term projects. This session outlines the rental process, available options, and best practices for deploying hired metal detector wands to enhance security measures effectively.

Hire Handheld Metal Detector Wand Scanners

Hire Handheld Metal Detector Wand Scanners

Explore the convenience and flexibility of hiring handheld metal detector wand scanners for various security applications. From crowd screenings to facility inspections, this session elucidates the advantages of renting portable metal detection solutions and provides practical tips for seamless integration into security protocols.

Is bigger better? – Ashley Bancroft

Ashley Bancroft delves into the age-old question of size in security operations. Through a nuanced exploration, Bancroft challenges conventional notions, arguing that efficiency and adaptability often outweigh sheer magnitude. Drawing from extensive research and real-world examples, this thought-provoking presentation offers fresh perspectives on optimizing security strategies in an ever-evolving landscape.

Simon Giles – How K9s Deter Crime and Protect Retail Workers

Simon Giles sheds light on the invaluable role of K9 units in crime deterrence and safeguarding retail environments. With a focus on practical applications and success stories, Giles demonstrates how well-trained canine partners enhance security measures, offering unparalleled detection capabilities and fostering a safer workplace for retail personnel.

Simon Alderson – Effective Strategies for Retaining Staff in Security Firms

Simon Alderson shares insights on combatting the perennial challenge of staff retention within security firms. Through a blend of research findings and firsthand experiences, Alderson presents innovative strategies to nurture talent, foster employee satisfaction, and mitigate turnover, thereby fortifying organizational resilience and performance.

Matthew Margetts – How smart sensors prevent thieves from going off the rails

Matthew Margetts explores the cutting-edge realm of smart sensor technology and its pivotal role in curbing theft and vandalism on public transportation networks. Through compelling case studies and technological insights, Margetts showcases the efficacy of sensor-driven solutions in safeguarding critical infrastructure and enhancing passenger safety.

Christian Hviid – What makes Close Protection Officers Exceptional

Christian Hviid unveils the attributes that distinguish exceptional close protection officers in today’s security landscape. Drawing from his extensive experience and industry expertise, Hviid identifies key traits, skills, and mindset shifts necessary for close protection professionals to excel in their roles, ensuring optimal security outcomes for clients.


Metal detector wands are pivotal handheld screening tools employed to detect concealed weapons and contraband. Emitting electromagnetic fields, they promptly alert upon metal detection, facilitating security teams globally in venues, airports, and schools. Their maneuverability and ease of use enable swift, non-invasive checks for prohibited items like guns and explosives. Sessions throughout the event delve into diverse aspects of metal detection technology, ranging from specialized applications such as vape detection to tailored solutions for gold prospecting, offering attendees comprehensive insights into this critical security tool’s versatility and significance.

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