Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors has pioneered the metal detecting industry since 1964. Their cutting-edge technology helps treasure hunters seek hidden history. The Garrett AT Pro pinpoints even tiny targets with accuracy. Advanced graphics and an intuitive interface make relics and artifacts easily accessible. 

Whether beach combing or traversing fields, detectors by Garrett uncover untold stories. The popular Ace 400 delivers reliable performance for beginning searchers. Its one-button simplicity quickly reveals what the past has left behind. Lightweight and capable, this model is the ideal metal detecting companion.

Professional prospectors swear by Garrett’s Gold Bug 2 for finding precious gems and ore. Ultra-sensitive VLF detection penetrates farther than any other machine. Screen targets in real-time on its full-color LCD. Experienced miners depend on the Gold Bug 2 to boost their haul and make history’s riches available once more.

Overview Of Garrett Metal Detectors

For decades, Garrett Metal Detectors has pioneered the art of buried treasure seeking through innovative electromagnetic technology. Their machines are extensions of experience, intuition and adventure for relic hunters worldwide exploring land and seas. Whether scanning historical fields, pristine beaches or well-trodden soils.

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Garrett detectors function as discovery companions, extending sensory perception below visible surfaces. Their design ingenuity pinpoints clues left by time, enriching users’ perspectives with glimpses into past mysteries and enriching encounters with forgotten artifacts now resurrected.

Step By Step Guide To Garrett Metal Detectors

  • Switch on the desired Garrett detector and calibrate its settings to surrounding mineralization levels for accurate responses. Sweep the search coil slowly back and forth just above ground, watching/listening for signals from buried items. 
  • Second, once a potential target is located, pinpoint it by waving the search coil over the same spot in an X pattern until the strongest response determines the exact buried location. Carefully dig to reveal the source of the signal.
  • Third, examine any unearthed finds to discern valuable artifacts from trash. Document discovery locations for potential future exploration. Re-scan the area thoroughly to avoid missing items. Reflect on clues uncovered about history’s unseen past through theTechnology.

History of Garrett Metal Detectors

History of Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors was founded in 1960. The company began by making simple metal detectors used by treasure hunters. Within a few years, they introduced advanced pulse induction technology. This allowed detectors to discriminate between different metal types and depths. 

Garrett also added waterproof housing to their designs. This made them ideal for use on the beach or in areas with wet ground. The company continues improving their detectors today. Now they offer high-tech models with features like ground tuning and reloadable firmware.

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Garrett has over 60 years of experience making metal detectors. They hold several important patents on pulse induction technology. This innovation revolutionized the hobby in the 1970s. It allowed identifying gold rings versus pull tabs and other trash. Detectors could reject unwanted metals for a cleaner hunt.

Popular Garrett Metal Detector Models

The Garrett AT Pro is a popular all-terrain model. It features an easy one-knob control for ground balancing. This lets it hunt effectively anywhere. With multipurpose probes and a headphone jack, it finds coins and relics with precision. The AT Pro comes in plastic housing for use on land or in 2″ of water.

Another well-known model is the Garrett Ace 150. This offers lightweight portability and depth capability to 10 inches. It features 4 detection modes including a pinpointer function. The Ace 150 can identify small jewelry in trashy sites with its visual target ID displays. Many hunters like it for prospecting at depths beyond other entry-level machines.

Technology Used in Garrett Detectors

Garrett uses pulse induction detection technology in its detectors. This involves sending a short electromagnetic pulse into the ground. The machine then analyzes how long it takes for the pulse to bounce back. Different metals induce unique frequencies that the detector can recognize.

Pulse induction avoids some limitations of older VLF machines. It provides higher resolution of buried targets. Detectors can determine an object’s approximate size and composition from the returned signal. This “ID” feature aids hunting in areas with excessive trash.

Use Cases for Garrett Detectors

Use Cases for Garrett Detectors

Beach hunting is a popular use of Garrett detectors. The saltwater models can search wet sand rapidly. This allows finding valuable lost items along shorelines. Many enthusiasts hunt fall and spring to discover jewelry and coins washed up after storms.

Prospecting at old homestead sites is another common application. Relic hunters use discriminating detectors to pick out nails from bottle caps. This reveals artifacts left by early settlers, like utensils, tools or buckles. Park hunting provides enjoyment while cleaning up surfaces of forgotten trash.

Accessories for Enhancing Garrett Detecting Experience

Detectorists buy extra headphones to allow hunting with a partner. This comes in handy for thoroughly checking a large permitted site. Rechargeable battery packs provide all-day run times away from an outlet.

Waterproof pouches or custom belts keep machines straped on securely over rugged terrain. Pinpointer devices work with detectors to precisely locate buried treasure without digging. accessory kits provide spare parts for repairs in remote areas.

Tips for Using Garrett Detectors Effectively

It’s important to learn how to properly tune or “ground balance” a detector. This sets it to ignore junk metals naturally in the soil. Sweep the search coil slowly side to side, overlapping passes slightly to avoid missing targets. Move systematically without gaps across an area.

Listen for audible changes indicating a buried object. Pay attention to both the primary target sound and secondary “ID” tones. Dig any interesting signals, but sift through dirt to find small items intact. Accurately note any productive spots to recheck later at different soil moisture.

Garrett Metal Detectors Customer Reviews

Garrett Metal Detectors Customer Reviews

Most reviews highlight the rugged builds of Garrett detectors. Customers note machines stand up to challenging conditions hunters might put them through. Even lower-priced basic models seem tough and reliable for casual use.

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Performance also receives praise. Machines effectively target small valuable items, even amongst junk. Depth ratings generally match or surpass claims. Discrimination features allow selectively investigating signals for a more enjoyable hunt.

Garrett consistently earns recognition as a top brand. Decades of metal detecting innovation back their products. For both new and experienced hobbyists, their lineup provides high-quality, full-featured machines to spark the thrill of treasure hunting.



Garrett has led the metal detecting industry for decades. Their innovative machines have changed treasure hunting through advanced technologies and applications. Garrett detectors provide enthusiastic hobbyists the best chance to precisely locate hidden items.

The article covered Garrett’s history and models. How their pulse induction technology aids different uses and environments was explained. Effective tips and accessories complement quality detectors. Reviews show Garrett consistently satisfies metal detector customers seeking the perfect machine.


Reliability over the long haul

Garrett is known for well-built machines that can withstand regular use in tough conditions and continue performing for many years.

Beginning the hobby

The Garrett Ace and AT Pro series provide straightforward operation and depth for beginning prospectors to learn techniques and decide if metal detecting is a fun activity.

Effectiveness compared to other brands

Garrett consistently ranks among the top brands for target separation, depth penetration and proven successfinding treasure according to professional reviews and user feedback.

Adapting to changing conditions

Many Garrett models feature ground balance and discrimination settings allowing easy tailoring to detect optimally in varied soil mineralization at different sites or as composition shifts.

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