How To Cancel Your Orangetheory Fitness Membership In Few Easy Steps

Cancelling your Orangetheory Fitness membership is simple and hassle-free.

Follow these easy steps to cancel your membership:

  1. Contact Your Studio: Reach out to your local Orangetheory Fitness studio either in person or by phone to initiate the cancellation process.
  2. Provide Necessary Information: Be prepared to provide your full name, membership number, and reason for cancellation.
  3. Submit Cancellation Request: Complete any required cancellation forms and submit them to the studio.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: Once your cancellation request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

By following these steps, you can cancel your Orangetheory Fitness membership with ease.

What is Orangetheory Fitness and why is it so Popular?

Orangetheory Fitness is a popular fitness studio franchise that offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT) group workout classes. 

Orangetheory combines endurance, strength, and power training exercises in a 60-minute workout session led by coaches. 

Each Orangetheory workout incorporates heart rate monitor technology to track exertion and maximize calorie burn.

Orangetheory has grown rapidly since its founding in 2010, with over 1,300 locations worldwide as of 2021. 

There are several reasons for its popularity:

  • Group atmosphere provides motivation and accountability. Exercising with others helps members push themselves harder than they would alone.
  • HIIT workouts burn more calories in less time compared to steady-state cardio. The intense intervals and strength training lead to an “afterburn effect.”
  • Heart rate data provides tangible results. Members can track their splat points, calories burned, and heart rate trends over time.
  • Classes are led by enthusiastic coaches who demonstrate proper form and provide encouragement.
  • No two classes are the same, keeping workouts fresh and preventing plateaus. The variety accommodates different fitness levels.
  • Locations are modern and outfitted with high-quality equipment like treadmills, rowing machines, and free weights.

Orangetheory makes HIIT-style workouts accessible and fun, appealing to busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike. 

The community atmosphere and measurable results help members stay motivated to reach their goals.

Orangetheory Fitness Membership Packages:

Orangetheory Fitness provides four membership packages tailored to meet diverse fitness needs. 

The Basic package offers four sessions monthly, while the Elite package includes eight. 

The Premier package provides unlimited sessions, and the Coach package offers access to select classes. 

Each package is designed to support varying fitness goals and lifestyles.

Orangetheory Fitness provides four different packages:

Orangetheory Fitness offers four distinct membership packages, each catering to different fitness needs. 

The Basic package includes four sessions per month, while the Elite package offers eight. The Premier package provides unlimited access to sessions, and the Coach package allows access to select classes.

Premier Orangetheory Fitness Membership:

The Premier membership is the top tier plan at Orangetheory. It includes unlimited classes with no restrictions on the number of sessions per month. 

Premier members can book classes at any Orangetheory studio nationwide.

Other Premier perks include early booking access for popular workout times and enrollment in the national Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Challenge.

The Premier package ranges from $159–$279 per month, depending on location.

Elite Orangetheory Fitness Membership:

The Elite package allows members to attend up to 8 classes per month. Members can use credits for any class type or time. Elite members pay $99–$159 per month, with the ability to purchase additional class packages.

Basic Orangetheory Fitness Membership:

With the Basic membership, participants are limited to 4 classes per month. Session credits renew on the monthly membership anniversary. 

Pricing starts at $59 per month for this beginner Orangetheory package.

Corporate Orangetheory Fitness Membership:

Orangetheory offers discounted corporate memberships to employees of participating companies. Corporate plans provide a rate of $59–$99 per month for the Basic package (4 classes monthly). 

Employees must enroll through their company’s Orangetheory program.

Cancellation Policy for Orangetheory Fitness Memberships

Cancellation Policy for Orangetheory Fitness Memberships

Orangetheory Fitness requires members to commit to a 12-month agreement upon joining. You can cancel at any point, but there is a buyout fee equivalent to 50% of remaining months’ dues.

For example, if you cancel with 6 months left, you’ll pay a buyout of 3 months of membership fees. Buyout fees range from $150–$400+ depending on package type.

Orangetheory provides immediate cancellation without penalty in limited cases:

Health Concerns:

If you can no longer use Orangetheory due to a medical issue with documentation from your doctor, you can terminate the contract. 

Acceptable circumstances include pregnancy/postpartum recovery, physical therapy needs, injuries, or other health-related reasons verified by a physician.

Location Change:

Members who are moving and will be located more than 25 miles from the nearest Orangetheory studio can exit a contract early with proof of address change. 

Examples include a lease at a new address, military orders, college acceptance letter (if moving for school), etc.

Financial Hardship:

Unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other financial hardship conditions allow you to cancel with a written explanation and documentation of circumstances. 

This helps avoidcollections if unable to pay ongoing dues.

Steps to Cancel Your Orangetheory Membership:

Here are hassle-free ways to cancel your Orangetheory Fitness membership:

  1. Cancel in person at your gym:

Visit the Orangetheory front desk and speak to a membership associate. 

Explain you are cancelling and discuss your situation to determine if any exception reasons apply.

Complete cancellation paperwork and turn in membership cards/devices. 

Get cancellation confirmation in writing before leaving. This ensures the gym processes the termination.

  1. Cancel via the Orangetheory website:

Log into your online account and go to “Membership” settings. Select “Request to Cancel” and fill out the online cancellation form.

Reason options include contract fulfillment, medical excuse, or financial hardship. Upload any necessary verification documents. You will receive a confirmation email once processed.

  1. Cancel through email:

Email your gym’s manager directly, copying the studio’s general email. Explain you are cancelling your membership effective immediately and why.

Attach documents if required based on your situation. Request written confirmation of your termination. Save this email trail for records.

  1. Cancel by phone:

Call your home studio and ask to cancel your Orangetheory membership over the phone. Provide cancellation details and ask for verbal confirmation.

Take notes of who you spoke with, date/time of call, and summary of conversation. Follow up via email to document the request.

What to Do After Cancelling Your Orangetheory Membership

Once you cancel your Orangetheory membership, be sure to:

  • Return any loaned heart rate monitors, bands, clips or other studio equipment
  • Use up class credits if cancelling mid-month (no refunds provided)
  • Remove credit card information and personal details from your online account
  • Ask for confirmation that your membership is terminated in the system
  • Follow up if still charged dues after supposed cancellation date

Is There a Fee for Canceling my Orangetheory Membership?

Unless you qualify for an exception, Orangetheory imposes a cancellation buyout fee equal to 50% of remaining months’ dues. 

This is because members commit to a 12-month contract. Review your studio contract for exact cancellation policy details.

Do I Get a Refund When I Cancel My Membership?

Orangetheory does not provide membership refunds when you cancel after your first month. Used class credits are non-refundable, so try to take any remaining sessions before terminating.

You may get a prorated refund in some cases:

  • Cancelled before first bill: Get full refund
  • Relocated 25+ miles: Refund unused months
  • Medically excused: Refund unused months

Otherwise, Orangetheory keeps your paid fees and charges the cancellation buyout amount.

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How to Cancel Orangetheory Membership on App

If you originally joined Orangetheory through their mobile app, you can also cancel your membership via the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Orangetheory app and log into your account
  2. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner
  3. Select “Membership”
  4. Choose “Request to Cancel Membership”
  5. Pick a reason for cancellation from the menu
  6. Fill in any additional details required
  7. Confirm cancellation

You will receive an email confirmation once the request is processed. Be sure to follow up if you do not receive confirmation within 72 hours.

How To Cancel Your Orangetheory Fitness Membership

Joining Orangetheory Fitness provides structured HIIT workouts, accountability, and an enthusiastic community. 

But membership contracts can be difficult to break if your situation changes. Understanding the cancellation policies, qualifying reasons, and proper steps allows you to terminate your membership smoothly. 

Act promptly, provide documentation if required, and get confirmations in writing to ensure the gym cancels as requested. With the right approach, you can move on from Orangetheory with no strings attached.


Is Orangetheory Fitness worth it?

Orangetheory Fitness offers a unique and effective workout experience tailored to individual fitness goals, making it worth it for many enthusiasts seeking results-driven routines.

Is It Possible to Return an Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor After Cancelling Your Membership?

Returning an Orangetheory heart rate monitor after cancelling membership may depend on the store’s policy, but generally, it’s recommended to inquire directly with the facility.

Is it Possible to Freeze Your Orangetheory Membership?

Yes, Orangetheory Fitness often allows members to freeze their memberships for a specified period due to circumstances such as injury or travel, typically with a nominal fee.

Is There a Cancellation Fee for Orangetheory?

Cancellation fees may apply depending on the terms of the membership agreement; it’s advisable to review the contract or consult with staff for specific details regarding cancellation charges.

Will I Receive a Refund for Cancelling Orangetheory Fitness Membership?

Refunds for cancelled memberships are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the membership agreement; it’s recommended to check the policy regarding refunds upon cancellation.


Canceling your Orangetheory Fitness membership is simple if you follow a few key steps. First, log into your Orangetheory account online or through the mobile app. Under ‘My Info’, select ‘Membership Details’. Here you can select ‘Cancel Membership’ and enter your cancellation date. Confirm your cancellation reason and submit the form. You will receive an email confirmation once your membership cancellation is processed. Note that you must cancel by the 25th of the month for cancellation at month’s end. Following these directions will allow you to smoothly cancel your Orangetheory membership.

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